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Does Rock the Ruins have a mobile App?

Yes! Purchase and manage your tickets and more. Download from the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

What parking and transportation options are available at this venue?
Transportation & Parking

Rock the Ruins concerts will have these options available for parking and transportation to and from the venue:

1. Paid parking inside the venue. This is an add-on you can purchase at checkout with your ticket while supplies last for $35 per car.

2. Free parking in one of our satellite parking lots. We will have shuttle buses between these three satellite lots and our venue in 30-min intervals: 

  • The Orchard School (615 W 64th St Indianapolis, IN 46260)
  • Latvian Community Center (1008 W 64th St Indianapolis, IN 46260)
  • Congregation B Nai Torah (6510 Hoover Rd Indianapolis, IN 46260)

3. Rideshare and carpooling are encouraged! We have a designated rideshare dropoff/pickup spot located on Spring Mill Road (between 63rd and 64th Street) at the edge of the park.

4. Biking. We will have limited areas for bike parking on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do the shuttle buses work and what is the schedule?
Transportation & Parking

If you choose to park in one of our free satellite parking lots (The Orchard School, Latvian Community Center, or Congregation B Nai Torah), you will have access to a free shuttle to and from the venue at Holliday Park. ‍Each lot will have a designated pick-up location for guests to wait. Shuttles will leave the pick-up locations in 30-minute increments from 4:30pm to 11pm and drop guests off at the venue outside of the General Admission entrance. Guests may wait at the same location to be picked up and driven to the overflow lots when they are ready to depart. Check each bus and shuttle line to ensure you end up on the correct shuttle to the correct lot.

I paid for a reserved parking spot. Where do I enter Holiday Park?
Transportation & Parking

If you purchase a reserved/paid parking spot, you’ll enter the venue in your vehicle at the corner of 64th Street and Spring Mill Road.

I can’t find my ticket!

All purchased tickets can be found in our mobile Rock the Ruins app, or via email after you complete a purchase. If you still don’t see it, we can look your order up using the purchaser’s name when you arrive for the event!

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

All sales are final and no refunds will be issued at any time for any reason including weather conditions and set time changes.

Are there Premium upgrades available?

Yes, we have a variety of ways to upgrade your experience at Rock the Ruins. Click here to view a full list of available Premium upgrades (while supplies last)!

Where is the Premium entrance?

The Premium entrance is located at the back of Holliday Park near the Nature Center and Rock the Ruins stage.

Do children get in free?
Kids & Families

Children 3 and under get in for free.

Are strollers permitted?
Kids & Families
What Can I Bring?

Yes, strollers are permitted but will be searched upon entrance.

Are diaper bags permitted?
Kids & Families
What Can I Bring?

Yes, diaper bags are permitted but will be searched upon entrance.

Is there shade?
Kids & Families

The park has several shaded areas that tend to fill quickly. If you or your party needs shade, we recommend arriving when doors open for the event.

Do children need a ticket to enter the Premium area?
Kids & Families

Children under 12 years of age do not need to purchase a premium upgrade as long as they are accompanied by an adult who has purchased a premium upgrade. Please note that anyone under 21 years of age is prohibited from entering the shaded tent where alcoholic beverages are purchased.

Can my kids play on the playground while I enjoy the show?
Kids & Families

No, there is no re-entry outside of the fenced-in concert space/venue. If you or your children leave the fenced-in area, you will not be allowed to re-enter the concert venue.

Can I bring a water bottle?
What Can I Bring?

(1) Factory-sealed water bottle per guest or (1) transparent and empty reusable water bottle per guest are permitted. There are water fountains available in the park.

Can I bring a chair?
What Can I Bring?

Lawn chairs are permitted at all shows, besides the Cavetown show on July 30, as long as they are not obstructing the view of other concert goers.

Can I bring a blanket?
What Can I Bring?

Blankets are permitted at all shows besides the Cavetown show on July 30.

Can I bring an umbrella?
What Can I Bring?

Standard size umbrellas are permitted. Beach or golf umbrellas will not be allowed.

Can I bring a cooler?
What Can I Bring?

No outside food or drink is permitted.

What is your bag policy?
What Can I Bring?

Small bags and purses are permitted but will be searched upon entrance.

Can I bring my pet?
What Can I Bring?

For the safety and comfort of our guests, pets will not be allowed inside the concert grounds. Working service animals are welcome! Emotional support animals are not working service animals.

Can I bring bug spray or sunscreen?
What Can I Bring?

Bug spray and sunscreen are welcome and encouraged but only in versions that are NOT in an aerosol can. Non-aerosol sprays, lotions, and wipes are permitted.

Is there re-entry?
Venue Policies

No, there is no re-entry permitted. If you leave the fenced-in concert area, you cannot come back inside. 

Can I smoke?
Venue Policies

There is no smoking permitted in all IndyParks.

What items are prohibited?
What Can I Bring?
Venue Policies

The following items are prohibited from entering the concert grounds. If you try to bring these items in, you will be asked to dispose of them or return them to your car.

  • All firearms (with or without a permit)
  • Bladed items of any kind
  • Aerosols, including pepper/mace spray, sunscreen and bug spray
  • Fireworks, flammable liquids, and other explosive materials
  • Audio recording devices (unless you have been granted a Press Pass)
  • Professional cameras and video cameras with telephoto or removable zoom lenses (unless you have been granted a Press Pass)
  • Drones or any other remote controlled moving object
  • Monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks
  • Backpacks and other large bags
  • Beach balls and other inflatable items
  • Confetti, glitter (any items that may be thrown), and face paint
  • Bull horns, musical instruments, and other noisemakers
  • Coolers (including any outside food and beverage items)
  • Hula hoops and juggling sticks
  • Illegal drugs
  • Laptops/tablets
  • Laser pens
  • Pets
  • Tents
  • Totems
  • Any other item deemed inappropriate by management/staff

Chairs/blankets will be prohibited at the Cavetown show on July 30.

Do you have a lost and found?
Venue Policies

Yes, lost and found is located at the Box Office tent near the General Admission entrance. Rock the Ruins is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Is there ADA parking available?

Yes, a limited amount of ADA parking spots will be available in both the General Admission lot and the Premium lot.

What is the weather policy?

Rock the Ruins shows will happen rain or shine! Should there be severe weather, our staff will notify you via our social media channels, email, and push notifications in the Rock the Ruins app. Unless temperatures or conditions are deemed dangerous by weather emergency professionals, the show will happen! All set times are subject to change due to weather.

My question hasn't been answered. Can I talk to someone?

Yes, please email info@rocktheruins.com for more information.

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